• General Queries

    • What is recharge.oneindia.com?

      Oneindia now brings you recharge.oneindia.com, where prepaid recharge is available for all major service providers in India.

      Online recharge helps save your time. You can find best and top talktime plans using recharge.oneindia.com. Recharge your prepaid mobile online through Visa & Master Card anywhere, anytime. You can also purchase recharge vouchers, SMS packs, tariff vouchers and other products from leading mobile operators.

      In addition, based on your usage over time, we will bring you the best prepaid offers from your operator. Our focus at recharge.oneindia.com is to make transactions fast, simple, secure and reliable.

    • What is Oneindia Recharge Mobikwik Wallet?

      Oneindia Mobikwik wallet balance is the amount (in Indian rupees) available to you to spend on prepaid products like recharge vouchers, SMS packs, etc.

      While doing your online recharge, if payment is done but transaction fails, don’t worry your money is safe in our wallet(Know more). Try entering your details once again on recharge.oneindia.com and on the mode of payment you will see your wallet balance, just click on CONFIRM PAYMENT and your recharge is done.

    • What are the pre-requisites of recharging mobile, DTH, datacard services with recharge.oneindia.com?

      If you wish to recharge your mobile, DTH and data-card service, you need to have the following:

      • A valid mobile number and email ID as all information about your recharge will be sent to this number and email ID.
      • You should be a pre-paid mobile user and/or DTH subscriber.
      • A valid mobile/DTH service provider from the list of service providers & circles that are available with us.
      • We have credit/debit/cash card and net-banking options. So you should have either a valid credit/debit/cash card and/or valid Internet banking User ID of your bank account.
    • Steps to Recharge on recharge.oneindia.com?

      • Select Plan - Enter your mobile number, the operator & circle will be automatically fetched. Now select the best plan for yourself or just enter the recharge amount and "Proceed".
      • E-Mail - Enter a valid e-mail ID where you would like to receive the transactions details, if you have created an account then just enter registered e-mail ID & password and hit on "Click to Recharge".
      • New or Registered User - New user will see a message informing him about his wallet been created whereas Registered user will have to enter his wallet password to proceed.
      • Mode of Payment - Select your preferred choice of payment and hit on "Add Money".
      • Payment gateway - Enter your card details or bank details and hit "Pay with Zaakpay".
      • Confirmation – Yippee! Recharge successful with all your transaction details, recharge is delivered as an e-topup and it gets instantly updated to your account.

      If recharge fails, don't worry, your money is safe with our Oneindia Mobikwik wallet. Just 'Login' once again and try recharging.

    • What are the Terms & Conditions?

      Please read the Terms of Conditions carefully before using our service.

    • What is Refund Policy?

      Please read our refund policy section to understand what & how to get refund.

    • How can I contact if I have some queries?

      You can contact us by:

      • Writing to us at recharge@oneindia.co.in or
      • Click on the support section and register your query or
      • Click on the feedback section and share your feedback.

      We promise a response within 24 hours.

  • Recharge queries

    • Does the recharge happen immediately?

      Yes. You get your recharge immediately. As soon as payment is made, you will get a confirmation SMS & Email from us and a recharge message from your mobile operator. Generally it takes less than 1 minute for the transaction to complete.

    • Can I recharge for my friends and relatives?

      Yes. You can recharge for your family, friends & loved ones using the same account.

    • Is there any extra charge for recharging?

      No. There is absolutely no extra charge for recharging. You will get the same talktime that your mobile service provider offers you.

    • How will I get to know whether my recharge transaction was successful?

      The moment you complete the entire process for your mobile recharge on recharge.oneindia.com, you will get the following information from us:

      • For new users, you will receive SMS about your Wallet login details & temporary password
      • Order confirmation for payment towards recharge
      • Order Receipt on Email & SMS confirming payment
      • Successful recharge mail from Oneindia Recharge services
      • SMS from your operator with recharge details
    • Why did my recharge not happen?

      Sometimes, we face delay from the telecom networks and they do not respond within few seconds. The only reason why at times your recharge does not happen is because the telecom networks do not always enjoy a very reliable connectivity. Even if recharge fails, don't worry, your money is safe with our Oneindia Mobikwik wallet. Just 'Login' once again & try recharging.

    • How to cancel a Prepaid purchase?

      Once you use your Oneindia Recharge Mobikwik balance to purchase a prepaid product, it cannot be reverted back. We do not take any responsibility for failure of product delivery at the operator's end though your money will be safe in the wallet if transactions fail.

    • Wallet Balance Did Not Update

      Please provide us with the following details to resolve the matter for you:

      • Transaction ID for all the Balance Update Transactions
      • Transaction Amount
      • Your Registered Email Address
      • Phone Number
    • Unsuccessful Recharge

      Please provide us with the following details to resolve the matter for you:

      • Transaction ID for all the Recharge Transactions
      • Transaction Amount
      • Your Registered Email Address
      • Phone Number for which you tried to recharge
    • You did a successful transaction, but card was charged/account debited and you got an “Invalid Transaction” status. Why did that happen ?

      You will get “Invalid Transaction” error for the following reasons, if:

      • Mobile number/DTH/Datacard subscriber Id is incorrect.
      • Recharge denomination entered is incorrect.
      • You have recently ported and the change has not happened in the database of the service provider.
      • You have recently ported and while entering amount at recharge.oneindia.com did not changed your operator.
      • The service provider is temporarily unavailable for some technical error.
    • “Invalid Amount” Recharge Error

      Please try to recharge your mobile for a different amount. If you are still not able to recharge your mobile number, then please provide us the following details:

      • Transaction ID for all the Recharge Transactions
      • Transaction Amount
      • Your Registered Email Address
      • Phone Number for which you tried to recharge

      In the above circumstances, your card will get changed or amount will be debited from your account, however the recharge will not be successful. As soon as your transaction is unsuccessful at the service provider end, we will instantly move your money to the wallet. This money is safe and you can use it again for recharging.

    • Mobile Verification Code

      Please provide us the following details:

      • Your Registered Email Address
      • Phone Number for which you tried to recharge
    • Primary Number

      Primary Number is the mobile number used to enable SMS and Phone transactions. You can view, change or disable this number from your account dashboard.

    • “Manual Verification” Flagged Transaction

      This message is issued when the Payment Gateway is concerned about your mode of payment. Please provide us with the following details to resolve the matter:

      • Transaction ID for all the Balance Update Transactions
      • Transaction Amount
      • Your Registered Email Address
      • Phone Number
  • Wallet Queries

    • What is Oneindia Recharge Mobikwik Wallet?

      Oneindia Mobikwik Wallet is an online version of your physical wallet. If your recharge is unsuccessful, we will park your funds in your online wallet. This will help you avoid the task of getting a refund through your bank, which could take weeks! It is 100% secure and your wallet funds will always be available for future recharge services.

    • How will money appear in my wallet?

      On rare occasions, your recharge may initially fail. In such cases where we have already captured your payment and your recharge initially fails, we will put these funds in your Wallet.

      • If transaction is unsuccessful and amount is debited from Bank then your money will appear in the Wallet.
      • You can Add money by yourself for future use by Logging In and by adding amount in the wallet via Mobikwik Wallet

      These funds will be stored in a 100% safe and secure environment, and you can use these funds for future recharges and other online services.

    • What can I use my Wallet money for?

      You can use it for any transaction (Mobile/DTH/Datacard) on recharge.oneindia.com as long as you have sufficient balance in your wallet or you can use your wallet to shop online safely and get benefits as you shop.

    • How do I know if the money in my wallet is sufficient for a given transactions?

      • You can use your wallet for making payments in a transaction as long as your wallet balance is greater than or equal to your payable amount for that transaction.
      • The wallet payment option would not be available for making payments if the wallet balance is less than your transaction as payable amount.
      • You cannot pay partially using the wallet money and partly by using some other payment option.
    • How to Pay using my Wallet for my next transaction?

      You should have sufficient balance in your Wallet to make transactions. Once you login and proceed with your recharge, you will see the Wallet money showing the Total money in your wallet, just you have to click CONFIRM PAYMENT. If the transaction amount is higher than the wallet money, you will be asked to select some other mode of payment.

    • Can I get the money refunded from Wallet to my Bank account?

      Yes!!! Send us a Refund request mail to recharge@oneindia.co.in and we will process the refund of money from Wallet to Bank.

  • Payment Queries

    • Is it safe to recharge online?

      Absolutely. Zaakpay is our payment gateway partner. All the transactions are executed securely and no critical information regarding your payment is ever accessible by any employee or third party.

    • What are the Modes of Payment available?

      We (Oneindia Recharge Mobikwik) accept payments through

      • Debit cards
      • Internet banking
      • Credit cards
    • What is CVV, CV2 and 3D security?

      CVV or CV2 code is a 3 digit number mentioned at the back of your card. This is meant for security purpose.

      The 3D security code is like a password for online transactions through Credit/Debit cards. You can check your bank's site for details.

      This is specially designed for the safe transaction. CVV no. is the last 3 digits mentioned at the back side of your debit/credit card.